Bathroom cabinet inspection standard

Bathroom cabinet: judge's archives, mid-range, high-grade bathroom cabinet standard: bathroom ark physico-chemical properties of the surface coating layer, the bathroom ark of components and the overall structural strength, stability, security, and processing fine degree of the scale of the different parts, etc.

1. Pu bathroom cabinet: appearance material texture, color approximation, color coating color is basically even, allow slight wood grain fuzzy, coating surface as the original light.

2, mid-range bathroom cabinet: appearance material requirement texture similar to that of symmetrical components texture, color should be similar, colour and lustre of the coating color is bright, clear grain, bathroom ark face coating to polishing, side surface coating for the original light (polishing).

3. High-grade bathroom cabinet: the exterior selection is single tree species with the same texture and symmetry.The bathroom cabinet coating color bright, the wood grain is clear, the surface is all polished, the shell is like the mirror.

4. Apart from the above

< 1 > makes a general observation on the appearance of the bathroom cabinet. For example, the furniture of the suit should first look at whether the outer surface color is coordinated, whether the color is consistent, and whether the bathroom cabinet is full and clean.

< 2 > to each part of the bathroom cabinet material is reasonable, the structure of the parts can't be decadent, knot, splitting, the bathroom ark does appearance decoration materials whether glue, bubbling, warping processing defects, such as decorative pattern should be symmetrical and beautiful.

< 3 > bathroom cabinet size is the rule, the bathroom cabinet components are flat and vertical.Note: bathroom cabinet, cabinet, cabinet, plate thickness

PVC board

The main tank: 14 mm to 19 mm

Attached to the cabinet: 12 mm to 15 mm

Mirror cabinet: 12mm – 15mm

Oak board: 14mm – 19mm / / 12mm – 15mm

Avoid lacquer board 14 mm – 19 mm / / 12 mm to 15 mm

Multi-layer plate 14mm – 19mm / / 12mm-15mm

Glass table basin, mesa, partition thickness 4mm – 20mm

Toughened glass or reinforced glass 0.8mm – 1.0mm

Stainless steel bracket (202,304 stainless steel sheet)

Separation basin, integral basin glass basin: note: the glass basin that frosted glass can't touch clear or high light to make the glass basin of paint, glass mesa, the shelf whether have broken.The paint surface is symmetrical, whether the paint is sundry, the paint is cured well.Use your fingers, bubble bags to check.Whether the surface is smooth or not, whether there is a crust, heat rash, bubble, oil, paint cover not uniform, sand, color difference and so on.

1. Factory inspection system: incoming material inspection (IQC);Process inspection (IPQC);Final inspection (FQC);Shipment inspection (OQC);Quality audit (QA)

2. Material management skills: quantitative packaging;Distinguish between CARDS;Laundry list

3. Basic standards of production management: reduced working hours;Depletion;Accessories to reduce

4. Implementation of the 5S movement: organizing, cleaning, cleaning, cleaning, cultivation of quality (good habits), abandoning (sloppy), establishing (exquisite) basic engineering.


< 1 > is required to calculate the materials according to the order, which is the MRP – material demand plan.

< 2 > is converted from the credit information to the progress tracking of the material.How to judge the best bathroom cabinet

1. The wall type, high leg or the bathroom cabinet with wheels can effectively isolate the invasion of the ground moisture to the cabinet.

2. Whether all metal parts are made of aluminum products that are treated with moisture-resistant stainless steel or bath cabinets, it will be more resistant to moisture erosion.

3. Check the opening degree of a cabinet hinge, 90 or 180 degrees.If the Angle is 180 degrees, of course it is more convenient for you to take the items!The more accurate the hinge, the tighter the door of the cabinet, the harder it is to get in.

The bathroom cabinet with many drawers is convenient for small sundries.

5. The style of bathroom cabinet is different, and it is important to pay attention to whether to guarantee the overhaul of the water pipe and the opening of the valve.

6. When installing the bathroom cabinet, be careful not to damage the incoming water pipe, otherwise it will wet the cabinet when used.7. The choice of the bathroom cabinet is closely related to the size of the placement and toilet, the large space should be large and the small space should be full, but the final use is the most important.

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