Classification and selection of faucet

As a home decoration building materials, the quality of the faucet directly affects the health and the use of the experience, especially the kitchen sink taps.We know now that most of the kitchen faucet adopt casting copper, copper density and resistance to water pressure is higher, but copper prices are relatively high, a few brands in order to save costs, will use the lead instead of copper copper water injection.The long-term use of the faucet containing lead may lead to lead poisoning.Therefore, faucet shopping can not only be cheap, qualified faucet is the preferred standard.So face market of the faucet of mixed, how to buy.Today, from the faucet classification, the material, the purchase skill and so on the aspect to be introduced in detail.
1.The kinds of faucet
There are all kinds of hoses, usually according to the function and purpose to distinguish, such as a kitchen faucet, basin faucet, bathtub faucet, generally referred to as the "three-piece suit, when bibcock of choose and buy the best choice according to the use special tap, such as basin faucet installation to the kitchen sink, because the height is too low, to use a lot of inconvenience.
Bath bibcock: there are two outlet, one connect the bath crock to asperse, a connect flower asperses the bibcock below, for shower use;
Face basin faucet: this kind of bibcock is short, relatively low, mainly for people wash article, clean face use;
Multi-functional kitchen tap: if there is a hot water line in the kitchen, the tap should be double.
In addition, the outlet of kitchen bibcock is taller, longer, some still have hoses design, for washing food use.
2. Structurally, it can be divided into three categories
Single handle: this kind of faucet USES the current popular ceramic valve core as the sealing part, its advantage is the switch is flexible, the temperature regulation is simple, the service life is long;The price is moderate, suitable for the relatively easy economic conditions of the family choice;
Bibcock with 90 – degree switch: this type of leader is also using the ceramic chip seal, is on the basis of the traditional double handle, ceramic chip seal, instead of the original rubber seal for 90 – degree rotating the handle when opening and closing, adjusted points on both sides of the hot and cold water, its characteristic is convenient, diverse styles;At a moderate price, it is the preferred material of the mass consumer.
Traditional spiral stabilisation, rubber – tight faucet: it has a large amount of water and is easy to maintain.The price is lower.
In general, the three kinds of faucets can be selected, with the ideal of a 90 degree switch.And single handle bibcock is more luxurious air, nowadays choose and buy a lot more.
Besides, there are many faucet with special function in the market.If there is a tap with water filter function, the unique diaphragm device can remove impurities in the water, and the new phil fass series is a good choice.And optimal emperor constant temperature faucet, using paraffin wax temperature control valve core, make the water temperature is met the requirement of the moment, the error is less than 0.5 degrees Celsius, when the water temperature more than 40 degrees Celsius, leading also automatically current-limiting, prevent burns, embodies the humanized design of completely.
Two. Identify four tips for faucet quality
Look first.High quality faucet processing, surface finish fine, can be close to mirror effect and not distortion;
Secondly, when turning the handle of the faucet, there is no excessive clearance between the tap and the switch, which is easy and unobstructed. The clearance of the faulty faucet is large and obstructed.
The valve body and handle of the good water taps are made of brass, and the weight of the body is heavy.
How to choose kitchen faucet
A lot of people found the house only after finished a lot of problems, especially for the kitchen faucet that often is used to the thing, once appear problem, can cause a lot of trouble, so be sure to do their homework before the choose and buy.
First: select by structure type
For the convenience of use, the kitchen bibcock wants to choose taller, the mouth that draws water also wants long, had better be extend to the drain mouth above, and still cannot splash water.If there is a hot water line in the kitchen, the double tap is the best option.Most kitchen faucets now rotate to meet the needs of all kinds of use.In the last few years, the new pull-out faucet is able to pump out the water bill, so that it can be easily cleaned to every corner of the sink, but the disadvantage is that you have to empty one hand to hold the water mouth when you draw the water mouth.While some of the leading water mouth could rotate 360 °.
Second, according to material selection
The material of kitchen faucet is brass commonly, also be the most common pure copper bibcock on market.But because of the characteristic of the kitchen environment, pure copper bibcock not necessarily is the best choice.All pure copper taps are plated in the outermost layer, which is used to prevent corrosion and rust.The lampblack in the kitchen is very big, add the grease that wash a bowl and clean essence, will need clean bibcock often.If the cleaning method is incorrect, it is very likely that it will destroy the electroplating layer of the tap, causing the faucet to be corroded and rusty.If want to choose the whole copper kitchen bibcock, must make sure to have excellent electroplating, otherwise very easy to cause bibcock rusted to corrode.
And now there are some manufacturers use the leading manufacture of high quality 304 stainless steel, the high quality stainless steel and pure copper bibcock of than does not contain lead, acid-proof, alkali resistance, no corrosion, not to release harmful material, not the characteristics of the tap water pollution.This is very important for drinking water in the kitchen;And the stainless steel bibcock does not need electroplating, not easy to rust, the hardness, the toughness is more than twice than the copper product is more than twice, so it is very convenient to clean.But because the processing difficulty of stainless steel is high, so current high quality stainless steel bibcock commonly price is relatively high.
Third, the length of the nozzle should be balanced on both sides of the tank
When buying, pay attention to the length of the water basin and the tap water mouth, if the sink is a double basin, pay attention to the length of the water mouth when it is rotating and the water tank on both sides of the water.
Fourth, it has anti – calcification system and anti – flow system
Calcium is deposited in both the shower head and the automatic cleaning system, and the kitchen faucet also collects some calcium after years of use.Be careful to choose the faucet with calcifying system when choosing, since it can prevent the equipment from calcifying inside.When all seals in the faucet fail, the faucet equipped with the backflow system can ensure that the water quality is clean without backflow pollution.So be careful when choosing the faucet that chooses to have these two functions.
When buying kitchen faucet, want to ensure material environmental protection sex and product functional, most important still see its after sale service.When choosing, it is advisable to choose a big brand with after-sales service, so that kitchen faucet can be used without worry.
The last thing is to identify the tags.General regular goods all have the manufacturer's brand identity, and some informal or some inferior quality product often only paste some paper label, even without any mark, when the choose and buy must pay attention to.

Post time: Jul-19-2017
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