quality inspection standard of shower room

 1. Material of sheet material, quality requirement:

1) the product of this company is made of sheet material

2) the thickness is 4mm, the thickness of sheet material is even, and the allowable deviation is: + 0.1mm.

3) the plate gloss is greater than the sample gloss.

4) the plate cannot have obvious water lines, cracks, impurities, small holes, small bubbles and other quality problems.

2. Resin, glass fiber materials, quality requirements:

1) resin is based on the composite board to choose suitable resin, acrylic resin using specific reference to the force that press a gram composite board manufacturers to provide data.

2) the resin cannot have impurities, coagulates, and cannot use expired resins.

3) glass fiber and glass fiber woven cloth, cannot exist impurities, the thickness is even.

4) the fiber structure of the product is three floors, the bottom layer is glass fiber, the middle layer is fiberglass woven cloth, and the surface layer is fiberglass.5) no burrs, ionosphere, bubbles, resin clots, chromatic aberrations and abnormal concave and convex marks can be found in the finished products.

3. The material of the bathtub stand material, quality requirements:

 1) the material of the bathtub stand is made of iron, and the size and thickness of the steel tube are referenced to the actual sample data.

2) the tub stand is the product of spray treatment after welding of iron pipe.

3) support foot is plastic bolt injection molding product.

4) the appearance dimensions of the bathtub stand are allowed to be up to or minus 5mm, and the screw hole bit allows the deviation to be plus or minus 1.5mm.

5) the surface of the bathtub shall not be deformed and curved, and the surface of the spray shall be smooth and not removed.

4. Aluminum alloy material, quality requirements:

1) the thickness of the upper and lower orbital wall of aluminum alloy is 1.2mm, and the allowable deviation is plus or minus 0.1mm.

2) the thickness of the side column of aluminum alloy is 1.0mm, and the deviation is allowed to be plus or minus 0.1mm.

3) the thickness of the aluminum alloy arm wall is 1.2 mm, and the allowable deviation is plus or minus 0.1mm.

4) the allowable deviation of the bending arc position (R bit) of the aluminum alloy is allowed to be equal to plus or minus 5mm.

5) the allowable deviation of the diameter of the aluminum alloy's upper and lower orbit is plus or minus 2.5mm.

6) the allowable deviation of the length of the aluminum alloy side column is plus or minus 1.0mm.

7) the allowable deviation of the aluminum alloy track and the side hole spacing is 0.0-mm.

8) the size of the aluminum alloy stamping molding mouth allows the deviation to be plus or minus 1.0mm.

9) the curved arcs of aluminum alloy (R bits) must be consistent with the bathtub arcs (R bits).

10) the surface treatment process of aluminum alloy is two kinds of electrophoresis oxidation or spitting.

11) the surface of the aluminum alloy can not leak, remove, impurities, water lines, scratches, cracks, cracks, deformation and other quality problems.

5. Glass material, quality requirements:

1) the product USES glass as safety tempered glass.

2) the thickness of the tempered glass is 6mm and the allowable deviation is plus or minus 0.15mm.

3) the granules of the tempered glass are 45 grains per 25 square centimeters.

4) cannot exist toughened glass scratch, crack, crack Angle and water lines, small deformation, pinhole, such problems as small bubbles, there is little square meters allow bubble number is 1-2, small bubble size less than 1 square mm.

5) the size of the steel glass is allowed to be a deviation of plus or minus 1mm.

6) the allowable deviation of the tempered curved glass arc position (R bit) is 5mm.

7) the self-breaking rate of toughened glass is based on the standard of national toughened glass.

6. Accessories material, quality requirements:

1) the wheel is made of copper, small bearing and nylon, and the wheels are used when the finished products are used.

2) the water retaining glue, magnetic stripe glue, the size of the single side glue must be the same as the sample, the surface color is uniform, no impurities, black, burr and so on.

3) the screw is made of stainless steel and the material parameters refer to the stainless steel 304 series parameters.

4) the complete products must be tried before packaging, packaging is to check the quantity of all kinds of accessories, to make the product packaging clean, clean, not missing, quite a few.

7. Quality requirements of bathtub production:

1) the surface of the bathtub shall not have the mold cooling line.

2) bath plate can be a gap, split, spread fiber surface can not have burrs, obvious problem such as resin clot, trimming mouth cannot exist rugged, edges, burrs or other product quality problems.

3) bath skirt uniform assembly, deviation of not more than + / – 1.5 mm.

4) after the massage bath crock of water, the bottom of the cylinder single block area of not more than 100 square centimeters of water. Its water retention is not greater than 500 g. 5) the support feet in the same horizontal plane, iron bracket must be in the same horizontal plane and cylinder.

6) the tap symbol is clear, the position and the actual instructions, flexible adjustment, no jam, adjusted to the appropriate location to produce the corresponding function, flower is aspersed water way flexible and effective adjustment.

7) to the water seal is good, switch is quick without resistance, to go on the water shall be no automatic falling phenomenon.

8) copper elbow, odor-proof joint to water, to water hose is installed with ground clearance should be greater than 8 mm.

8. Bath crock electrical performance requirements:

9. Process quality requirements of shower room:

10. Electrical performance requirements of shower room

11. Product packaging requirements:

1 purpose

In order to ensure the quality conforms to the shower room

International and national standards, so as to adapt to the needs of customers at home and abroad market, make the quality inspection personnel in the inspection operations have a clear direction, according to international standards, national standards and industry standards in combination with the practical situation of businesses and formulation of this standard

2 reference standard

QB/T 2563-2002 shower panel general technical conditions

GB/T 13095.4-2000 whole bathroom test method

GB/T 9963-1998 toughened glass

GB / 5237.1-2000 type aluminum alloy construction materials

Bathroom accessory parts. QB/T 1560-1560

GB 12002-1989 plastic doors and Windows sealing strip

GB/T10125-1997 artificial atmosphere corrosion test, salt fog test

GB/T6461-2002 sample (piece) of the corrosion rating

3 define

Shower room is made of aluminium alloy profiles for a framework, toughened glass for a partition and waterproof sealing strip assembly into an organic whole, firmly connected closely with building structure.Used to prevent shower spray water splashed or flow into the shower area outside the shower water retaining device.

4 types classified according to the male silk shower room to classify the naming of shower room.

5 technical requirements

Promised to overall shower room height size 5.1 + / – 2 mm, the width tolerance + / – 3 mm, length of aluminum tolerance + / – 1 mm, toughened glass length tolerance + / – 1.0 mm, the thickness tolerance + / – 0.5 mm.

5.2 artifacts

Product materials used should comply with the corresponding standard requirement.

5.2.1 partition

Toughened glass used (CAI yong DE gang hua bo) glass comply with the provisions of the Q0001-2006.

5.2.2 framework

Aluminum nameplate, status of 6063 – T5, the material shall comply with the terms of Q0006-2006.

5.2.3 requires waterproof strip

Waterproof glue shall comply with the terms of Q0004-2006.

5.2.4 pulley

Roller bearing is made of 304 # stainless steel, surface materials for corrosion resistance of hard nylon.

5.2.5 affiliated fittings

Affiliated fittings shall be corrosion resistant stainless material or material after surface treatment as rust.

5.3 structure performance

Shower room structure performance shall meet the following requirements. 

5.3.1 shower parts should be reasonable design assembly connection should be closely firmly.

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